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Image of Ouachita Thornless Blackberry

Ouachita Thornless Blackberry

High Yield Newer Variety with Large, Sweet FruitOuachita Thornless Blackberry ( 'Ouachita PP17162', Rubus 'Ouachita) is a boon to the home gardener. Ouachita was bred in the Ozarks to be easy-to-harvest and load you up each year with big, plump, very pluckable berries.Imagine a beautiful fence full of these healthy green vines bursting with berries in your own backyard. Their tall stems arch gracefully over the fence. In spring the vines are covered in flowers and by mid-June those flowers have been replaced with juicy berries that are bursting with summer flavor.We can go on and on about what Ouachita does, but let’s tell you what it doesn’t  - it doesn’t need a pollinator, so a single vine will produce for you, and it doesn’t need a trellis, so you can grow it as a hedge.Once you start picking these delicious berries, you’re going to wish that you’d have planted more vines!Nature Hills ships out strong, healthy Ouachita vines that will start your blackberry garden off right. Order yours today, and order more than one. You’ll quickly find out that one just isn’t enough once you taste these berries!* Upright nature does not need support* Disease resistant* No thorns makes picking easy* Self-pollinating 

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