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Image of Little Bluestem Grass

Little Bluestem Grass

Easy to Grow Native Prairie Grass with 4 Season Interest 'Little Bluestem', Schizachyrium scoparium, is a native American prairie grass. It is also know as "Sage grass" or "Beard grass'. It has a silver bluish hue to the leaves during the growing season. Flowers are scattered along the upper parts of the stem branches, with long, white hairs creating a feathery appearance. There is also a single, white, hairy flower cluster at the tip of each stalk. In fall, the leaves turn a rich orange-wheat color which persists all winter, providing food for birds and cover for small animals. It also provides cover and feeding sites for quail, turkeys and other ground nesting birds. It will grow anywhere and will tolerate poor soils. A great plant for mass plantings. Silvery Blue Foliage All Summer White Plumes Attracts Wildlife in Winter

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Grasses in Your Pocket: A Guide to the Prairie Grasses of the Upper Midwest

Grasses in Your Pocket: A Guide to the Prairie Grasses of the Upper Midwest

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