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Image of Fanfare Blaze Gaillardia

Fanfare Blaze Gaillardia

Enjoy A Blazing Fanfare of Garden Color Ignite your summer garden with a "fanfare" of "blazing" color! Each 3-inch pinwheel of dramatic color features long, tubular petals coming off of a russet and green eye, like spokes on a floral wheel. The effect of the burnt orange petals, with their delicate, yellow-kissed tips is both brilliant and elegant at the same time. The bountiful blooms appear in spring and continue through autumn, for a long-lasting show of floral beauty. The upright stems support the flowers amid the compact, vibrant green foliage. Fanfare Blaze Gaillardia is a popular perennial that would do well as a colorful and durable border along your walkway or perennial bed. They're also great as cut flower or in containers. Simply plant them about 14 inches apart for a blanket of blazing color! Fanfare Blaze Gaillardia is a herbaceous perennial. It has a compact, mounded nature and is very easy to maintain. It requires little or no care, and is quite hardy. Fanfare Blaze is even drought tolerant once established. Butterflies, bees and hummingbirds enjoy its colorful, long-blooming nature, but bunnies and deer tend to pass it by. It can also be easily divided to increase your number of plants. Gaillardia is a perennial that seems to have it all, and Fanfare Blaze is an outstanding variety. Unique flowers in stunning colors, a long bloom period and a fast growing,hardy nature make Fanfare Blaze an easy choice for your yard this year. Long bloom period Fast growing Adaptive to an variety of soils Work well as a cut flower

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Image of Gaillardia Fanfare

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