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Image of Blaze Improved Climbing Rose

Blaze Improved Climbing Rose

The Rose 'Blaze Improved Climbing Rose', / Rosa sp. 'Blaze' is a branching, large-flowered climbing rose with mid-green leaves. It is smothered in clusters of cupped, semi-double red flowers from spring until fall. It's a very attractive and reliable rose and shows good disease resistance.This rose is one of the best red climbing roses you can grow in your garden. One of the best and easiest climbers to train since the canes are very flexible. It's an impressive sight in full bloom. The cheerful scarlet red flowers form sheets of color in the summer. Pruning should not be done the first two years, since climbing roses need time to build flowering rose canes. This magnificent classic climbing rose can grace walls, fences and trellises. Blaze is so resilient its like a no maintenance rose, so you just plant it and enjoy it year after year!

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