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Image of Big Bluestem Grass

Big Bluestem Grass

Tallgrass for Naturalizing Tallgrass prairie used to cover vast swaths of the Midwest, where the sky was big and the buffalo roamed. Those prairies don't exist like they used to, but when they did Big Bluestem Grass (Andropogon gerardii) was the king. It was the dominant grass that grew there, providing breathtaking seasonal color change and food and protection for wildlife. Thankfully you don't need a vast prairie to enjoy the gifts of Big Bluestem - a neglected little corner of your yard will do. Big Bluestem thrives in dry, infertile soil where most other plants would shrivel. (A true hardy native, it does just fine in ordinary garden soil and even wet soil, too!) We'll bet, though, that you'll want to plant it in more prominent places than that corner. Big Bluestem makes a striking background for a naturalized border. It is the backbone of a wildflower garden. It easily fits into a contemporary garden scheme, too. We know that you will love this tall stiff grass so much you will be looking for all the creative ways you can use it in your garden. This grass thrives on neglect. Once it is established the only real care it needs is to be cut to the ground prior to the first shoots of spring. Just make sure you plant it where you and your neighbors can enjoy watching it go from gray to blue green in spring, to green with red tinges in summer and finally to reddish bronze with lavender tones in autumn after frost. This kaleidoscope will light up your garden all year. Order yours today!. Hardy native grass Quick growing Four seasons of interest

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Bill Karnowski grew up in rural Jackson County located on the north end of the Flint Hills of Kansas. He and his thirteen brothers and sisters spent their childhoods on the Hoot Owl Hollow Ranch. His poetry has its roots as deep as the big bluestem grass that make up the last remaining expanses of the Tallgrass prairie. The Prairie Chickens still boom on early spring mornings. He will share his language of this land.

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