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Image of American Beech

American Beech

Stately Tree with a Lot to Offer Your American Beech (Fagus grandifolia) will be a majestic addition to your landscape. The familiar stout trunk and spreading crown sport oval leaves with distinctive parallel veins and saw-tooth margins. The bright...

Image of Tricolor European Beech Tree

Tricolor European Beech Tree

Rediscover This Striking Beauty! It goes without saying that we love plants here at Nature Hills, and we always appreciate it when an old friend is 'rediscovered' by gardening aficionados - even if it took them 200 years! Tricolor European Beech, Fagus...

Image of Desert King Fig

Desert King Fig

Harvest Large, Sweet FigsTwice a YearThe Desert King Fig is a good choice for cooler climates. It is a large, deep green fig with strawberry red flesh. The King Fig Tree is a heavy producer of excellent quality, sweet figs. The tree sets a large early...

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