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Image of Baker's Colorado Blue Spruce

Baker's Colorado Blue Spruce

Strongly Pyramidal Shape & Superior Color Baker's Blue Colorado Blue Spruce is a fabulous improvement for today's smaller yards. With Baker's Blue, you get that incredible blue color you crave, along with a perfect geometric pyramid shape. And it's the perfect size for an accent tree in modern yards. These are slow growing trees, and they live a very long time (up to 600 years, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forestry Service). You can be assured this variety won't take over your house. Gorgeous silvery-blue needles provide visual relief in the landscape. Symmetrical tiered branches please the eye, and provide wonderful shelter for birds to nest in. This is a tree you can easily live with, and it's a beautiful foil for shrubs with dark foliage, such as Ninebark, or the bold colored branches of Red Twig Dogwood. Blue Spruce trees provide an upright backdrop, and perfectly contrast with wind blowing through the blades of Ornamental Grasses. It doesn't get better than that! These trees look beautiful in natural groupings comprised of 3, 5 or 7 trees planted along a slight curve or loosely zig-zagged. Leave extra space between two of them to plan a wilderness path. Order yours today! Symmetrical Growth Habit Semi-Dwarf Variety of Colorado Blue Spruce Classic Look For Modern Landscapes Very Long Lived

Price: $52.95 from Nature Hills Nursery Inc.

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