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Image of Arbosana Olive Tree

Arbosana Olive Tree

Small olives with BIG flavor! Big is not necessarily better when it comes to Arbosana Olives (Olea europaea 'Arbosana'). The olives on Arbosona olive trees are smaller sized olives than you’ll find on other olive trees, but they grow in very large clusters. (This means that pound for pound you’ll be pretty even with trees producing bigger fruit.) But don’t let the size of the olives fool you.  The highly fragrant fruit is filled with a very intense and impressive flavor that aficionados say has hints of almond and tomato, which sounds like a great appetizer to us!The Arbosona olive trees come from Spain, and today Arbosana is one of the top producers of olive oil in California. If you live in an olive-tree-loving climate (a little chill, a little dry heat, a little fog), you will be thrilled with Arbosana because we hear that you can often begin harvesting your own olives only two years after planting! Arbosona consistently yields the highest quality of fresh eating olives and extra virgin olive oil available to home gardeners.Nothing beats fresh from the garden and Arbosana will provide you and your family with healthful olives and olive oil straight from your own yard. * Big harvests * Very flavorful olives * Easy care * Handles cold better than other olive trees

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