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Image of Arborvitae with Green Pot (48)

Arborvitae with Green Pot (48)

"The Arborvitae with Green Pot brings a fresh feel to any space. The lifelike artificial tree has dense foliage that would beautifully frame a doorway or stairway. This whimsical yet stylish decorative accent is sure to make your guests go ""wow"". Perfect...

Image of Arborvitae with Pot - Green (48)

Arborvitae with Pot - Green (48)

The unique shape of this Juniper Slim Spiral tree makes it an interesting and attractive topiary decoration. This artificial planting in green growers pot, looks and feels real yet requires none of the maintenance required of a living plant. The slim...

Image of Arborvitae with Urn (60), Green

Arborvitae with Urn (60), Green

Plants always add charm and give your place a cheerful vibe. However, they also need a lot of caring and maintenance. With the Arborvitae with Urn (60), you can introduce some green to your space without any hassle. The plant is made of plastic and PE...

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