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Anna Apple Tree

Low Chill Anna Apple Tree for Southern and Western YardsDelicious FruitSpring FlowersWater-Wise Selection Tolerates Some DroughtLow Chill Requirement For Southern and Western GrowersSelf-FertileIf you're looking for a relatively low-chill Apple variety, the Anna Apple Tree (Malus domestica 'Anna') fits the bill. It requires only 200 hours chill time, which makes it ideal for Southern and Western planting.Plant the Anna Apple as a specimen tree in the front yard, plant a row to line your driveway, or give it a sunny location near a window to enjoy its beautiful look from close up.Anna Apple produce delicious fruit early in the summer, making it a welcome addition to orchards with later-bearing varieties. Nothing beats the smell of Apple blossoms welcoming in the spring season, and the Anna puts forth its fragrant aroma like no other, enticing songbirds, hummingbirds and butterflies to come gather round.Neighbors can't help but notice your established Anna Apple tree. Its brilliant profusion of petite, pink-tinted blossoms create a spectacle of Mother Nature's beauty. This is followed by the transition of those beautiful blossoms into delectable fruit.The fruit of the Anna Apple features green-tinged yellow skin with a heavy red blush. When you see the Anna begin to exhibit this fiery blush, the time has come to start harvesting your bounty.In its early stages, Anna has been compared to a Grammy Smith. However, as it ripens, Anna increases in sweetness.The fruit of the Anna Apple tree stores well. Plan on keeping your Apples for up to two months, depending on your storage method.Although it is self-fertile, the Anna Apple performs optimally when it has another pollinator nearby; the Gala, Granny Smith or Honeycrisp are excellent choices.Apple trees are always a welcome sight at any home, and Anna is an exceptional choice, (especially if you live in a warmer climate). Early to flower and fruit, the Anna Apple tree won't make you wait long before you're enjoying the many benefits it has to offer. Order yours today!

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