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Image of Anise Hyssop

Anise Hyssop

Butterflies Love This Waterwise NativeDo you want your landscape to be in harmony with nature?Are you looking for water-wise plants that feed butterflies, hummingbirds and huge variety of beneficial pollinators?Looking to add easy-care, edible plants to your front yard landscape?Anise Hyssop (Agastache foeniculum) gives you all that and more. Lovely, showy, lavender blue flower spires bloom all summer. It will fill in to create a marvelous showing with very little care on your part.This wonderful herbaceous perennial is also useful in the kitchen. Fragrant leaves smell like a candy cane kissed a licorice stick. It is also known as an antiviral, antilbacterial and anti-inflammatory. You might try drying sprigs for use in healthy potpourri that doesn't contain manmade chemicals.Once the dark green leaves are dried and steeped, they also make a delicious, refreshing tea - either hot or iced. It's fun to use the edible flowers either fresh or dried to flavor fruit salad, pasta salad and infuse with water.You won't see this selection in every garden center. It's a vigorous grower, and some states it does a little too well. Luckily, Nature Hills uses Plant Sentry™ to protect you and your community from invasive plants. Consider planting this in large containers if you want to control the spread. What a gorgeous plant!You'll love this fragrant selection. What a treat!Lovely, Lavender Blue FlowersButterfly GardenEasy Care

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