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Image of Amur North River Privet

Amur North River Privet

The Most Poplar Hedge-Shrub in the United States The Amur North River Privet is a fast growing, deciduous shrub is primarily grown for hedge plants. It can be pruned to any size and shape desired. There is no specific time of year to prune it and regular maintenance will retain its size. One would make a pleasing specimen plant, but several planted as a hedge would be outstanding. If you do not prune in spring, two inch long panicles of white flowers will seem to spring forth in all directions on hardy, erect stems. Butterflies and other pollinators will find this a special treat, enhancing your enjoyment of their spring presence. If it develops fruit, the tiny, oblong black drupes will develop in the fall and will tend to hang on into the winter for your birds to enjoy. It's a multi-stemmed, dense growing shrub with oblong, leaves that attain a subtle yellow hue in autumn. Those leaves will even persist through the winter. Your Amur North River Privet isn't just an attractive and adaptable plant; it's also winter hardy, drought tolerant, transplants easily and is long lived. In fact, it's so hardy that it thrives in almost any conditions. The Amur North River Privet is obviously a highly beneficial shrub for the home landscape, whether left to grow naturally as a lovely shrub, or pruned to a fit a particular purpose. It's easy to see why it's the most popular hedge plant in America today. Panicles of White Flowers in Spring Can Be Trimmed to Any Size and Shape Yellow Autumn Foliage that Persists Through Winter. Attracts Pollinators and Birds

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