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Image of American Hornbeam

American Hornbeam

‘Caroliniana’ is a healthier eastern-states cousin from the birch family, lacking the insect and disease problems that plague the species at large. Here is a pleasing small-to-medium tree with fresh green summer foliage and a show of yellow to either orange or fire-engine red come fall. When mature, the shape can range from rounded to a broader, elliptical form. Its biggest benefit is its surprising shade tolerance — it will thrive, even under the canopy of other trees — but will be happiest in partial shade. ‘Caroliniana’ likes wet feet (though it can tolerate a semi-dry spot) and is partial to a slightly acid-to-neutral soil pH. If you live near a wooded area, you can count on attracting a variety of desirable game birds (wild turkey, pheasant, ruffled grouse), which will seek out the seeds and buds. Perfect as a windbreak because of its supreme resistance to splitting, and just grand-looking when planted as a grove. Zones 4-8.

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