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Image of American Holly - Tree Form

American Holly - Tree Form

Traditional Evergreen Holly In Perfect Tree Form American Holly in Tree Form, Ilex opaca, is the classic Holly - big, dark-green serrated leaves, bright-red berries in the winter, rich-color year-round. It is so ingrained in Rockwell-ian nostalgia that it brings instant warmth and fondness when people see it. We know, though, that these shrubs can get HUGE and if they're not placed properly can be a problem. This sweet tree-form, though, will stay just the right size for you to put it front and center in a big pot or along a walk or by a gate. They look like they came straight from a fancy Macy's NY window display! A single stem topped with a sphere of Holly leaves and berries. Instant topiary. This native Holly is super hardy and adaptable. It thrives in many soils and in full sun or part shade. It doesn't require much maintenance - a quick trim to keep its shape, but that's all. It shines during the holidays, of course. A ribbon bow around its stem, a strand of mini twinkle lights. Effortless decorating. But this beauty also is great the rest of the year! The deep leaf color never fades and the tree form makes a striking silhouette no matter the season. In the spring it blooms small white flowers that give it a completely different look. Buy a couple of these American Holly in tree form for your garden, doorway or patio today. Your friends will comment. Your neighbors will be envious. Tree Form Of Our Best Selling Holly Spring Flowers & Winter Berries Natural Pyramidal Shape With Little Pruning Perfect For Containers Or Specimen Planting

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