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Image of American Elm

American Elm

Pretty Leaves on a Fast Growing Shade Tree The American Elm is a large deciduous tree with an elegant shape. It's such an impressive street or shade tree for your front yard with a lovely, rounded oval crown. This Elm can reach commanding heights! The American Elm is also long-lived, with some reported being as old as 300 years. Nature Hills won't ship trees into or out of areas where Dutch Elm disease has been reported. This is gorgeous legacy to leave the future, and well worth the fight to return to this majestic and useful tree for your community in the right areas. Can you imagine how many children and grandchildren have played underneath wonderful Elm trees? American Elm provides ornamental interest for every season. The six inch deciduous leaves are highly textured, and have cute toothed edges. Their dark green color is a vibrant addition to summer surroundings. Small green flowers form in spring, and although you're not likely to notice them, butterflies and other pollinators of your yard certainly will. Invite these "flying flowers" to your yard to add enormous appeal. In the fall, your American Elm's foliage transforms to a pleasing yellow. They'll drop leaves in a conveniently short amount of time, which you'll appreciate as you prepare your landscape for winter. You'll love your Elm even in winter. At a time when most trees provide little of interest, the dark grey and deeply furrowed bark of your Elm presents a pleasing feature for the winter landscape. The American Elm is a hardy tree tolerant of drought and urban conditions. It won't cost you a lot of time or effort to maintain, and will provide many years of shade and beauty for your yard. Take a stand, and fight for this American native treasure. Excellent Form Fast-Growing Native Wildlife Tree All Shipments Protected by Plant Sentry

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