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Image of All That Glows® Arrowwood Viburnum

All That Glows® Arrowwood Viburnum

You’ve Never Seen Shinier Leaves! All That Glows Viburnum (Viburnum bracteatum 'SMVDBL' PPAF) is the sister to All That Glitters Viburnum. (Clever, huh?) You'll need them both if you want this hardworking garden staple to perform to its full ability. When both are planted in your garden they act as pollinators for each other (thank you bees!) and what you get are two shrubs that produce masses of beautiful white flowers in the spring/early summer and loads of glossy blue berries in late summer. The birds can't stay away! All That Glows has very glossy leaves that actually shine in the sun. It makes quite a handsome presence in the landscape. The large white flower clusters blanket the plant in early summer. This is followed by tons of shiny blue fruit that wild birds can't get enough of. This is an easy-care plant that is smaller than most viburnums. It is well-suited for hedges, foundation plantings and screens. Use it as a backdrop for all your garden perennials. This is really a "plant-it-and-forget-it" easy-care shrub. It glows in full sun, but handles semi-shade without a problem. Replace some of your aging shrubs and light up your landscape with a few plants of All That Glows Viburnum from Nature Hills. Glossy leaves Showy flowers Bird-attracting berries

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