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Accolade Elm

The Accolade® Elm, Ulmus 'Morton', has an excellent resistance to Dutch Elm disease.This tree has an upright, spreading shape and is a large, broadleaf deciduous tree with a graceful vase shape similar to American elm.  It is a fast growing tree and the leaves are simple and a glossy, dark green color that change to yellow in the fall.  With good sun exposure fall color becomes a bright yellow.Elms prefer full sun and adapt easily to extremes in pH, moisture, wind and heat.  They do prefer well-drained, sandy, loamy or clay soils. The aggressive roots can probably break sidewalks and raise pavement if trees are improperly located. The Accolade Elm has an excellent disease and pest resistance, drought tolerance, and good yellow fall color.  It has a rapid growth rate and adaptability to urban conditions.Accolade® Elm creates an excellent shade tree for larger yards or street plantings.* Upright* Bright fall color* Excellent shade tree

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