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Image of Anemone Pretty Lady Emily

Anemone Pretty Lady Emily

Compact Anemone with Bright Late-Season ColorPretty Lady Emily  is a compact anemone with bright pink blooms summer to fall color. Plant several as a short border, or one as a focal point in a small flower bed. If you’ve ever...

Image of Angel Face Floribunda Rose

Angel Face Floribunda Rose

The Angel Face rose has a beautiful and well balanced Old Rose scent, the quintessential rose fragrance. It was an AARS winner in 1969. Angel Face roses have ruffled lavender pink blossoms and beautiful buds .It has a strong, old fashioned fragrance,...

Image of Angelface® Blue Angelonia

Angelface® Blue Angelonia

The Angelonia Angelface Blue, Angelonia angustifolia hybrid 'Anbluim', displays gorgeous blue flowers.Angelface Blue comes from a great new series for Proven Winners. These Angelonias have been bred for flower performance as well as a great upright branching...

Image of Angelface® Wedgewood Blue Angelonia

Angelface® Wedgewood Blue Angelonia

The Angelonia Angelface Wedgewood Blue, Angelonia hybrid 'Anwedgim', has been bred for flower performance as well as a great upright branching growth habit.This large and beautiful blue flower has a garden performance that makes an exciting addition to...

Image of Angelface® White Angelonia

Angelface® White Angelonia

The Angelonia Angelface ®White, 'Angelonia angustifolia hybrid', displays gorgeous white flowers. Angelface White comes from a great new series for Proven Winners.These Angelonias have been bred for flower performance as well as a great upright branching...

Image of Angelica Blue Juniper

Angelica Blue Juniper

The Juniper Angelica Blue', Juniperus chinensis 'Angelica Blue', is a densely branched, well-formed, vase shaped Juniper. It is clothed in sharply pointed, bright blue green needles. 'Angelica Blue' displays a bright blue color on the fine-textured...

Image of Angelina Sedum

Angelina Sedum

Heat Loving Yellow Groundcover Love color? Hate weeds? Want a layered look in your garden? Need to soften a rock wall, or flagstone garden path? Looking for a cute "spiller" in your container garden? Ok, listen up! Angelina Sedum (Sedum repestre 'Angelina')...

Image of Angelonia Angelface Dark Violet

Angelonia Angelface Dark Violet

The Angelonia Angelface Dark Violet, Angelonia angustifolia hybrid 'Andeepvi', makes a standout plant in your garden.Angelonias prove to be a great focal point well into the fall with their long flowering season. 'Angelface® Dark Violet' also provides...

Image of Anise Hyssop

Anise Hyssop

Butterflies Love This Waterwise NativeDo you want your landscape to be in harmony with nature?Are you looking for water-wise plants that feed butterflies, hummingbirds and huge variety of beneficial pollinators?Looking to add easy-care, edible plants...

Image of Anna Apple Tree

Anna Apple Tree

Low Chill Anna Apple Tree for Southern and Western YardsDelicious FruitSpring FlowersWater-Wise Selection Tolerates Some DroughtLow Chill Requirement For Southern and Western GrowersSelf-FertileIf you're looking for a relatively low-chill Apple variety,...

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