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Image of Arctic Beauty Male Kiwi Vine

Arctic Beauty Male Kiwi Vine

Male Vine Shows OffArctic Beauty Male Kiwi Vine, Actinidia Kolomikta - Male, is a great climbing plant that is extremely appealing. This vine is grown for its heart-shaped foliage, which opens purple and matures to bright green and is marked with...

Image of Arctic Blast Hosta

Arctic Blast Hosta

A Frosty WaveHosta Arctic Blast, Hosta 'Arctic Blast', has leaves that are frosted blue with white undersides, and the leaf margins are wavy with twisted pointed tips. Hosta 'Arctic Blast' has a vase-like, upright habit, and produces trumpet-shaped, lavender...

Image of Arctic Fire® Dogwood

Arctic Fire® Dogwood

A True Dwarf Red-Twigged Dogwood with 4-Season AppealFinally, a dwarf selection of the native Red-Twigged Dogwood to help you utilize it in your landscape in a variety of ways.  This winter gem only gets about 4’ high and wide whereas the regular...

Image of Arctic Rose White Nectarine

Arctic Rose White Nectarine

Nectarine-sweet with an apple-like crunch! If you’ve ever bitten into an unripe nectarine, you discover quickly that you don’t want to do that again. The semi-sour taste is enough to put you off fruit for the rest of the summer. On the other hand,...

Image of Arctic Sun® Dogwood

Arctic Sun® Dogwood

Add Instant Impact All YearThe Dogwood Arctic Sun 'Cato', Cornus sanguinea 'Cato' PP19892, is a new dwarf, yellow twig Dogwood. It is extremely compact. With a plant height of 3-4’, the yellow foliage color adds instant impact to any garden....

Image of Ardens Rose of Sharon

Ardens Rose of Sharon

Lavender Late-Season BloomsArdens Rose of Sharon is an ornamental shrub.  Plant a few en masse around your mailbox for a cheery roadside welcome, or perhaps just a couple near your front door to impress guests.  No matter where these lovely...

Image of Argentea Variegata Iris

Argentea Variegata Iris

Iris Argentea-variegata, Iris pallida 'Argentea-variegata', has striking ivory and green foliage that looks great with the classic pale lavender-blue flowers with yellow beards that appear in the late spring and early summer. The highly fragrant flowers...

Image of Aristocrat Flowering Pear

Aristocrat Flowering Pear

Breathtaking Spring Flowers on a Fast Growing TreeHere at Nature Hills Nursery, we love it when a plant is well named and the Aristocrat flowering pear is most definitely well named. Stately, well-formed and eye-catchingly beautiful in the spring, the...

Image of Arizona Apricot Blanket Flower

Arizona Apricot Blanket Flower

Extremely Long Season of Soft Apricot BloomsPerfect for a native, drought-tolerant xeriscape, Arizona Apricot Blanket Flower (Gaillardia aristata 'Arizona Apricot') charms your eye with a very fresh feel. Huge orange blooms soften into a warm apricot...

Image of Arizona Cypress

Arizona Cypress

Fast-Growing Evergreen with Dense, Soft Foliage Arizona Cypress, Cupressus arizonica, is an evergreen conifer. A few of these would create an excellent windbreak for your property or plant just one for a lively accent in a side yard. Your Arizona Cypress...

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