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Image of American Arborvitae

American Arborvitae

Tall and Elegant Privacy TreeThis is the classic American Arborvitae, Thuja occidentalis 'American'. It is used in every state as a landscape basic. Does that mean that it is overused or boring? No way! It is a classic for a reason. This evergreen requires...

Image of American Beech

American Beech

Stately Tree with a Lot to OfferYour American Beech (Fagus grandifolia) will be a majestic addition to your landscape.  The familiar stout trunk and spreading crown sport oval leaves with distinctive parallel veins and sawtooth margins. ...

Image of American Bittersweet

American Bittersweet

Gorgeous Twining Vine with Decorative FruitAmerican Bittersweet Vines, Celastrus scandens, has clusters of petite, green-tinted blossoms appear sprinkled throughout this decorative vine in spring. Orange-yellow capsules appear in summer, opening...

Image of American Cranberrybush Viburnum

American Cranberrybush Viburnum

Ornamental Shrub with Tasty Fall HarvestAmerican Cranberrybush is a deciduous shrub that (although not related to the true cranberry commercially grown for food), provides both ornamental interest and an edible harvest. Choose one as a specimen plant...

Image of American Dream Coreopsis

American Dream Coreopsis

The first PINK tickseed! You’ve seen tickseed before. It’s a garden staple across America and it grows wild in open woods, meadows and dry areas from Maryland to Kansas. It is commonly bright yellow and very showy. But now – with...

Image of American Elm

American Elm

Fast Growing Shade TreeThe American Elm is a large deciduous tree. It would make an impressive street or shade tree for your front yard.The American Elm is the largest Elm in the United States. It can reach 100 feet in height and has an elegant vase shape...

Image of American Holly

American Holly

 Our Best Selling Holly! Traditional Evergreen Holly That's Great For a Privacy Screen The American Holly (Ilex opaca) also called the White Holly or Christmas Holly, is the most familiar holly.  It is a small tree or shrub with striking...

Image of American Holly - Tree Form

American Holly - Tree Form

Traditional Evergreen Holly in Perfect Tree FormAmerican Holly in Tree Form (Ilex opaca) is the classic holly – big, dark green serrated leaves, bright red berries in the winter, rich color year-round. It is so ingrained in Rockwellian nostalgia that...

Image of American Larch Tree

American Larch Tree

Fall color for the cold north!American Larch (Larix laricina) isn’t rare, but it is unique. Most conifers are evergreen. This is one of only a handful of conifers that is deciduous. That means it has great fall color just before it drops its needles...

Image of American Linden

American Linden

Exceptional Shade Tree with a Variety of UsesAmerican Linden, also known as Basswood, is a popular specimen or shade tree.  One would look terrific in your front or side yard. This stately tree begins pyramidal and becomes more gently rounded...

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