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Image of Arthur J. Simmonds Bluebeard

Arthur J. Simmonds Bluebeard

Blue Blooms in Late Summer The Arthur J. Simmonds Bluebeard, Caryopteris x clandonensis 'Arthur J. Simmonds', is perhaps the hardiest of bluebeards! It displays powdery light blue flowers that are produced in late summer when few other shrubs bloom. ...

Image of Artist Blue Ageratum

Artist Blue Ageratum

The Ageratum Artist Blue, Ageratum hybrid 'Agsantis', has beautiful true blue blooms.This Proven Winner plant is able to renew itself continuously throughout the season by over-growing old blooms with fresh colorful new blooms. It is also exceptionally...

Image of Aruba Red Daylily

Aruba Red Daylily

The Aruba Red (TM) Daylily PPAF, Hemerocallis 'TP 06-11', is an early-blooming daylily with dark red blooms on a more compact plant.  This daylily has a long bloom season, and the multiple flowering cycles are perfect for mass plantings and perennial...

Image of Arugula


Arugula is an easy-to-grow salad green that prefers cooler temperatures. Similar to lettuce, arugula will grow quickly, and its edible leaves should be picked early for the most tender flavor.Arugula is a very healthy plant to serve on your table. It...

Image of Ascot Rainbow Euphorbia

Ascot Rainbow Euphorbia

Colors Opposite Temperatures Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow, Euphorbia martinii 'Ascot Rainbow' is a succulent which produces spikes of flowers (bracts) that are a blend of cream, lime and green that appear from late winter through spring. The foliage of Ascot...

Image of Asessippi Lilac

Asessippi Lilac

Also known as Hybrid Lilac and Canadian Lilac. A very hardy shrub with a marvelous, unmistakable fragrance and exquisite lavender blooms each May, which are plentiful. The shrub itself is well-built, well-shaped and full to the base; it doesn’t get...

Image of Ash Leaf Spirea

Ash Leaf Spirea

White Plumes and Ferny FoliageThe Ash Leaf Spirea, 'Sorbaria sorbifolia', is a fast growing shrub that has large plumes of creamy white flowers in June. These flowers grow above the deep green, fern-like foliage.It spreads quickly and is an excellent...

Image of Ashley Marie Girard Azalea

Ashley Marie Girard Azalea

Cold Hardy, Colorful Evergreen The Azalea Ashley Marie Girard, Rhododendron Girard X 'Ashley Marie', is an extremely hardy evergreen Azalea, with large colored rose-red flowers that bloom on strong sturdy branches. Bright enough for a perennial beds...

Image of Asian Moon Sterile Butterfly Bush

Asian Moon Sterile Butterfly Bush

The Butterfly Bush Asian Moon Sterile, Buddleia davidii 'Asian Moon', is a wonderful new butterfly bush that is not invasive. This butterfly bush attracts a profusion of butterflies all season long, and since the seeds of these flowers are sterile, the...

Image of Aspects Jewel Box Window 3 Port Hummingbird Feeder

Aspects Jewel Box Window 3 Port Hummingbird Feeder

Get Up Close and Personal With Hummingbirds Allow you to bring hummingbirds up close for viewing Use with or without the ant moat to block crawling insects 3 Feeding ports 8 oz. Capacity

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